Entry #3

Okay 7 silly sins

2008-05-17 00:18:18 by MADpuppet

Whoo Im doing this!

E - Enlightenment
L - Lumberjacks
C - Copping a feel
K - Knockers
A - Ass kicking * did it in one night...
Just try and stop me!!!.... I wonder what this will do to my sleeping habits?

Contest manb alphabet

S - Sneaking a Peek
Ill do it anyway... I'm tired of waiting.


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2008-05-17 04:58:18

Cock Joke.


2008-05-18 16:23:16

Ooh, I just realized... Exlax... isnt spelled Exlacks.... Oh well I guess its now Lack Sex.


2008-07-12 05:22:26

Even if there do end up multiple entries for a bunch of the letters, you're gonna have some spots in the collab. You've got some really good work in there, and put together a bunch of segments when just about noone else would.