Okay 7 silly sins

2008-05-17 00:18:18 by MADpuppet

Whoo Im doing this!

E - Enlightenment
L - Lumberjacks
C - Copping a feel
K - Knockers
A - Ass kicking * did it in one night...
Just try and stop me!!!.... I wonder what this will do to my sleeping habits?

Contest manb alphabet

S - Sneaking a Peek
Ill do it anyway... I'm tired of waiting.

Ok Way Too late

2008-05-01 01:04:28 by MADpuppet

I just stayed awake for much longer than I had hoped doing this pico Day Animation.. You know really getting in the spirit, Only to have a person whos opinion I really trust, Poo poo The thing... Major doldrums now... Ah well life goes on... Anyone up for voice over work? Ill animate it.

Whats a post?

2007-08-17 05:48:19 by MADpuppet

Wow look I found a new toy today... I wonder what it does... Oopse Broke it. Oh well, I like jokes and I think Newgrounds is one of the greatest Artistic outlets Ive seen.

And isnt a post what you stick in the ground to hold the fence up?

Then again theres Post Cerial,

Postal service,

Uhh, Too late ....brain.... shutting.... down.